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Nike offers athletes the best quality equipment that helps improve sports performance due to the latest technological breakthroughs they embrace.

The Nike brand officially entered Romania in 1999 with the opening of the first Nike store on the Magheru Blvd by FF Group. Currently, Nike's network of stores includes 24 stores across the country. FF Group is one of the most important players on the domestic fashion and sports market and currently owns 53 monobrand and multibrands, including 24 exclusive Nike stores.


Bigotti offers the full range of men's clothing and accessories, providing complete outfits for the modern man and covering all aspects of every day, from casual to stylish. Drawn and done with care, BIGOTTI creations offer a total masculine look that addresses the modern, stylish man who puts the emphasis on his impeccable appearance. Within the BIGOTTI brand, there are three main lines that can be experienced in every store and in the online store The BIGOTTI Collection (business clothing, classic and casual style) EGOBIGOTTI Collection (casual wear) ARTIGIANI Collection (classic outfits, addressed to the sophisticated consumer).


 Rio Bucovina is an important player on the FMCG market in Romania, being among the top three producers and distributors of natural mineral water. Natural mineral water Bucovina is a pond and naturally springs from sources located in nature reserve areas. Natural mineral water Bucovina has a balanced chemical composition with the lowest amount of dissolved minerals (180 ° C) of all natural mineral waters in Romania. Carbonated natural mineral water Bucovina has a low sodium content, pleasant and balanced taste.


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